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(OP-08) One Piece Two Legends Booster Box (Live Open) (Japanese)

(OP-08) One Piece Two Legends Booster Box (Live Open) (Japanese)

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Below Options are for LIVE OPEN ONLY

One Piece (OP-08) Two Legends (Live Open) (Japanese)

Live Open Single Packs contain 6 random cards. 

Live Open Boxes contain 24 packs

Rip Till You Hit (RTYH) One Piece (OP-08) Two Legends (Japanese)

Current Options for this RTYH:

AA+ is for a Parallel (Alt Art R, SR, SEC or L) or better Card (SP or Manga). 

Box Style is open full boxes until you get a Parallel or better card (2 hit boxes possible)

Buyer must be on live in order to open, if purchased offline, unopened packs will be substituted for the RTYH at current pack rate. 

All boxes and packs come from Factory Sealed cases.

Silvers Rayleigh, who was the right hand of the Pirate King finally joins the battle!
You'll also be able to make new decks themed around the White Beard Pirates, Beast Pirates, and Big Mom Pirates!

Dr. Kureha and Dr. Hiriluk from the Drum Kingdom Arc, and Carrot and Wanda from the Zou Arc appear. Plus, the Whitebeard Pirates appear as blue, Big Mom Pirates as purple, and Animal Kingdom Pirates as black opening up a host of new strategies! The red-black Tony Chopper, red-blue Marco, and more characters become leaders for the first time. Also includes leader cards reborn with new effects such as the purple-black King! Loaded with cards that can strengthen various decks, this booster pack can also be used as the foundation for decks, allowing newcomers to quickly catch up to experienced players!

Here’s a breakdown of the rarities of each card in this set:

・Leader Card x6
・Common x45
・Uncommon x30
・Rare x26
・Super Rare x10
・Secret Rare x2
・Special Card x6
・DON!! Card x1

Parallel illustration cards will also be featured in this set.

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