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RTYH Pokémon English Paldean Fates

RTYH Pokémon English Paldean Fates

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Rip Till You Hit (RTYH) Pokémon Paldean Fates Booster Packs

10 random cards per pack


Buyer must be on live in order to open, if purchased offline, unopened packs will be substituted for the RTYH at current pack rate. 

Rip Till You Hit levels:

Single Pack:  One Pack

Baby Shiny Rare or better: a Baby Shiny Rare, IR, ShinyIR, UR, HR or SIR hit. (No Min.)

IR or better: an IR, Shiny IR, UR, HR or SIR hit. (Min 2 packs.)

Shiny IR or better: ShinyIR, UR, HR or SIR hit. (Min 3 packs.)

UR or better: UR, HR or SIR hit. (Min 5 packs.)

HR/SIR: an HR or SIR card (Min 15 packs)

Paldean Fates Contains

Paldean Fates Pokémon Card Rank Codes:

Baby Shiny Rare (one gold outline star)

IR: Illustrator Rare (one gold star)

ShinyIR: Shiny Illustrator Rare (two gold outlined stars)

UR: Ultra Rara (two silver stars)

SIR: Special Illustrator Rare (two gold stars)

HR: Hyper Rare (three gold stars)

Shiny Rare: 120 Different Cards

IR (Illustrator Rare): Palafin IR, Wugtrio IR and Pawmi IR

UR (Ultra Rare): Pidgeot ex, Espathra ex, Mew ex, Squawkabilly ex, Wiggleytuff ex, Alakazam ex, Gardevoir ex, Noivern ex, Paldean Clodsire ex, Glimmora ex, Toedscruel ex, Forretress ex., Judge, Nemona, Paldean Student (231), Clive and Paldean Student (230).

HR (Hyper Rare): Chien-Pao ex, Ting-Lu ex, Koraidon ex, Miraidon ex, Chi-Yu ex and Wo-Chien ex.

SIR (Special Illustrator Rare): Charizard ex, Mew ex, Gardevoir ex, Iono, Clive, Arven, Penny and Nemona. 

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