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RTYH Pokémon English Paradox Rift

RTYH Pokémon English Paradox Rift

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Rip Till You Hit (RTYH) Pokémon Paradox Rift Booster Packs

10 random cards per pack


Buyer must be on live in order to open, if purchased offline, unopened packs will be substituted for the RTYH at current pack rate. 

Rip Till You Hit levels:

IR or better: an IR, UR, HR or SIR hit. (Min 3 Packs.)

UR ex or better: UR, HR or SIR hit. (Min 5 Packs.)

HR or SIR (Min 10 packs)

Pokémon Card Rank Codes:

IR: Illustrator Rare (one gold star)

UR: Ultra Rara (two silver stars)

SIR: Special Illustrator Rare (two gold stars)

HR: Hyper Rare (three gold stars)

Paradox Rift Contains

IR (Illustrator Rare): 34 total IR Cards

UR (Ultra Rare): Goldengo ex, Iron Hands ex, Roaring Moon ex, Iron Valiant ex, Garchomp ex, Sandy Shocks ex, Tsareena ex, Maushold ex, Armarouge ex, Toxtricity ex, Hoopa ex, Altaria ex, Cofagrigus ex, Golisopod ex, Tapu Koko ex, Bombirdier ex, Froslass ex, Aegislash ex, Professor Sada's Vitality, Parasol Lady, Tulip, Professor Turo's Scenario, Mela, Rika, Larry, Shauntal, Roark and Norman.

HR (Hyper Rare): Roaring Moon ex, Garchomp ex, Counter Catcher, Reversal Energy, Iron Valiant ex, Luxurious Cape and Beach Court.

SIR (Special Illustrator Rare): Roaring Moon ex, Iron Valiant ex, Gholdengo ex, Altaria ex, Iron Hands ex, Parasol Lady, Professor Sada's Vitality, Garchomp ex, Tapu Koko ex, Sandy Shocks ex, Golisopod ex, Professor Turo's Scenario, Mela, Tulip and Rika.

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